Day 7: Applying Vocal Technique to Script, Groupwork

Lesson Title:  Applying Vocal Technique to Script, Groupwork


Daily Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the vocal techniques by continuing to work in groups on their broadcast scripts.


Teaching Presentation:



Explain that students should get into their groups and continue their work on their scripts. Explain that next class period they will be recording their podcasts. This means that they will only today to finish writing and start rehearsing their radio broadcasts. In order for everyone to record next class, because we only have one “recording booth,” they need to make sure that they are ready enough because they can only have five minutes to record.
Float around the room and have an informal conversation with each group, helping them revise their scripts to better achieve the assignment. Make sure that they are aware of the time limit, and that everyone needs to be included equally.



To reward them for working so hard the entire class (if they deserve it) allow students to play an improv game of their choice for the last ten minutes of the period.



Students will be assessed on their participation in writing and rehearsing their scripts.