Day 8: Record Broadcasts

Lesson Title:  Record Broadcasts


Daily Objective:

Students will incorporate their vocal technique knowledge as they fin-ish their scripts and record their radio broadcasts.


Materials Needed:

Radio Broadcast Reflection Sheet
a recording booth, situated on the stage, with the grand and the travelers drawn, and the legs flown in, to create a mostly soundproof area.


Teaching Presentation:



Move to the auditorium, where the recording booth is set up.



Explain that they need to be almost silent as they wait to record their broadcasts and after they’ve finished recording. Before they record, they may whisper with their groups to practice. After they record they can begin working on their reflection papers that are due next class.
Assign an order for recording to make it run more smoothly.
Groups have only five minutes in the recording booth. If they run out of time and don’t have a recording, allow them to go into the hallway for another five minutes. The sound quality may not be as good but at least they will have something to turn in and they won’t hold any of the other groups up.


Monitor each group as they work on recording their radio broadcast. Ensure students are on task. Make sure everyone is quiet and respectful of the group that is recording.


Remind students that these need to be emailed to you at least by next class, but the night before next class if they want them to be played during class next time.



Reflection due next class.



Students will be assessed on their participation in recording their radio broadcasts.