Day 9: Presentation & Analyzation of Broadcast Presentations

Lesson Title:  Presentation/Analyzation of Radio Broadcasts


Daily Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the different vocal techniques by analyzing their fellow classmates’ broadcasts and identifying their use of different techniques.


Materials Needed:

Pre-listened to radio broadcasts from students (make sure they are appropriate to share)


Teaching Presentation:



Have students grab their journals as they walk in and allow them to sit wherever they want to listen to the broadcast recordings.



After they have listened to the different radio broadcasts, have students write in their journals two different things they thought the group did well, and one thing they could have done a little better. Explain that students should be talking about the things they did with voice, not just that “it was funny” or “the story was good.”


After they have had a few minutes to write this down, ask for some of the good things they wrote down. Allow each broadcast to have about 2-3 minutes of discussion.



After you have played all of the radio broadcasts, conduct a whole class discussion by asking the following questions.
Was there something everyone generally did well? What was a general class weak-ness? What could be improved upon? What have you learned throughout the unit? What power do our voices have?



With the short amount of time left, as a reward for hard work, play an improv game with the students. Be transparent and let them know that this is because you are proud of their hard work and the product they achieved.



Students will be assessed on their participation in the discussion following each radio broadcast recording and on writing notes about each. Their broadcasts will be assessed according to the rubric, as will their reflections that are due this day.