Filming the Trailer

Lesson 3:

Filming the Trailer



Students will demonstrate their understanding of movie trailer construction by filming the sequences for their movie trailer.


Materials Needed:

An iPad/camera for every group



Have students get into their movie trailer groups and pull out their storyboard.  Have them combine with another group and share their storyboard (each group can take 2-3 minutes to share their idea with the other group).


While students do this, collect all the remaining signed permission slips and check them to ensure all students have been given permission to film.



Ask students how they can spend their time today in class preparing their movie trailer?  (setting up shots, rehearsing and acting out the scenes, filming the scenes, sticking to the storyboard sequences, etc.)  The students will have a great deal of class time to work today, but must use it well or it will be taken away from them and they will have to finish the work on their own time.  Students should let you know where they will generally be as they film – they are not to disappear for the entire class period but rather be working and checking in with the teacher.


Students must follow these rules when filming their movie trailers:

  • You can go anywhere in the school but can’t interrupt other classes
  • You have to stay on school grounds
  • You break it, you buy it (so be very gentle and careful and respectful of the equipment!)



Send students out in their groups to film their movie trailers.  Students should return to the classroom ten minutes before the class period ends to turn in their equipment, save their work, etc.



Tell students they will have next class period to finish filming (if they need the time) and to edit their work.  Have each group think about what music could contribute to their movie trailer and assign each student to bring in one piece of music that they can share with their group (either a CD or on their MP3 player, etc.).