Editing the Trailer

Lesson 4:

Editing the Trailer



Students will demonstrate their understanding of movie trailer construction by editing and adding music to their movie trailer.


Materials Needed:

A less familiar movie trailer for students that relies heavily on music


2-3 selections of random music

An iPad/camera for every group with iMovie software on it




Have some music playing in the room as students enter.  Have them call out how the music makes them feel.  If so inclined, have students move to the music as it makes them feel.  Ask students what images come to mind with that music.


Play a second piece of music.


Play a trailer without music; ideally one that they are not familiar with.  Either just start it or pretend that you can’t get the sound to work.  The entire trailer doesn’t need to play; just long enough to make the point.  Ask the students what they thought of the trailer.  How does music affect the effect of the trailer?  What part can music play in creating the atmosphere/style of the trailer?  How can you use music in your own trailer? 



Have students get into their groups and play the music they brought.  They don’t have the play entire songs, just 20-45 seconds to get a feel of the music.  Have them discuss in their groups how they want to use any of the music.



Basics of iMovie: you can view the following tutorials if you are unfamiliar with iMovie to figure out what/how to share this information with students.  Many may already be familiar with this software.





Give the rest of the class period to the students to work on editing their trailer and adding music to their trailer. 



Any trailer that isn’t complete by the end of class needs to be completed and submitted to Google Drive no later than the evening before the next class period.  This will give you a chance to ensure you can view the trailers before next class period.  Remind them that they will be screening the trailers next class period.  If desired, encourage them to bring snacks to share with the class (popcorn, candy, water bottles, etc.).  Or perhaps popcorn will be provided and they can contribute other snacks to share.