Trailer Screening

Lesson 5:

Trailer Screening



Students will demonstrate their ability to combine camera elements, story, and music by sharing their original movie trailer.  Students will complete an evaluation sheet on their group and themselves.


Materials Needed:

Each group’s movie trailer ready to go in Google Drive

A self/group evaluation sheet for each student

Movie Trailer Evaluation sheet copies



Have the room set up to watch the movie trailers.  If feasible, allow students to sit on the floor or lounge or such so they are comfortable.  If anyone brought snacks make them available.



Watch the trailers in whatever order you choose.  After each trailer call on 2-3 students (not in the producing group) to share their favorite thing about that trailer.  Remind them they can comment on any camera elements, music, storyline, style, etc. (ala the list from the first lesson).  Fill out an evaluation on each trailer as it performs.



Make sure to leave enough time at the end of the class period for assessment.  Have each student fill out their group/self-evaluation sheet and turn it in as they leave the room.



**If time allows it might be fun to show the following trailer where editors have mashed together the Beauty and the Beast trailer with clips from Harry Potter to create “Beauty and Lord Voldemort.”


Lesson 5.Movie Trailer Self.Group Evaluation

Lesson 5.Movie Trailer Evaluation Sheet