Fuente Ovejuna Review

Lesson 6:

Fuente Ovejuna Review



Students will demonstrate their understanding of the play Fuente Ovejuna by participating in Half-Life Review and class discussions.


Materials Needed:


Scene Assignment copies  Lesson 6.SGA Scene Assignment Sheet


Pre-class: have the students divided into five groups for the scene assignment groups





Divide the class up into three groups and assign each group one of the acts of the play.  They need to create a performance that hits all the major points of action and characters of their act in one minute.


Give them time to prepare their minute-performances.  Have each group perform their one-minute acts in order 1-3.  After each act discuss the act together—not plot points—what did they learn that was most important, what did they like most, what characters were most active and/or changed and why, etc.?


Then have them perform it again in order but only give them 30 seconds to perform their act in.  They must “Half-Life” their act and reduce their time but still keep the most important points in.  Have them perform a third time but with a 15-second time limit.  This will only allow the absolute essentials to be a part of their performance.



Give a little background on playwright Lope de Vega (students should take notes):

He lived from 1562-1635.

He claimed to have written 1,500 plays; over 300 are accounted for that are undoubtedly his (a number almost ten times more than Shakespeare!).

He was the first Spanish dramatist to make a living as a playwright.  His plays were very popular; in fact, the phrase “es de Lope” was often used to refer to anything of really good quality.

He also wrote a lot of poetry, novels, and short plays.  It is no wonder than Cervantes, with grudging respect, called him a “monster of nature” for his superhuman writing ability.

He was known for fast-moving, suspenseful plots.  Most dealt with love and honor—integral concepts in the lives of his audiences.



What did students find the most interesting about the play Fuente Ovejuna?  What were themes they saw in the play?  Discuss in particular the themes of love and honor.  What did they learn about the culture and history of Spain as they read (or what was reinforced in what they already knew)?  Students can discuss langue and parole.


What connections can you make from this play to our modern culture – either society or other media?



Show the next several minutes of the film.  Students should respond in their journals how this film shows the theme of honor and love (or lack thereof).  Discuss how the themes of love and honor are shown in our contemporary society and media – both in this film and in general?



You have divided the class into five groups and together each group will pick a scene from Fuente Ovejuna to perform.  Explain the groups and have them sit together in their group.  Give each group the Scene Assignment sheet and go over it together as a class.  Share that groups can cut or combine lInés, make some changes as needed in order to have a scene that works for this assignment.



Give them the rest of the class period to discuss possible scenes to choose.  Someone in the group will scribe their ideas and submit the paper with possible scene choices (or the final decision) with each group members’ name on it.  The final choice must be made early next class period.