Fuente Ovejuna Performances

Lesson 10:

Fuente Ovejuna Performances



Students will demonstrate their understanding of Spanish Golden Age Theatre by performing a scene from Fuente Ovejuna.


Materials Needed:

Fuente Ovejuna Ballet Film Teaser from the Teatro Real de Madrid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ0blk4oGjM

Scene Peer Evaluation copies – one page for each student at four to a page   Lesson 10.Peer Evaluation Sheet

Fuente Ovejuna Scene Evaluation copies  Lesson 10.FO Evaluation Sheet

Student Self-evaluation and Reflection copies – one for each student  Lesson 10.Self Evaluation Reflection



Instead of the regular film today, students will be watching the teaser of the Fuente Ovejuna ballet produced at the world-famous Teatro Real de Madrid.  This stunning ballet tells de Vega’s story in movement and music form – incredible.  Have students simply write their response to this ballet story (told in teaser format here).


As a class, share the responses to the story.  What stood out to students?  What connections did they find to what they know about Spanish Golden Age theatre, culture, and history?



Give students ten minutes or so to warm up, change in costume, prepare props, run through their scene, etc. to get ready for the final performances.



Have students perform their scenes from Fuente Ovejuna.  They should introduce their piece by giving it the “name” or “title” that they created a few days ago (the word or phrase that summed up their scene).  Each student will complete a peer evaluation sheet on each scene.  You will give notes on your own evaluation sheet. 


Students will complete a self-evaluation and unit reflection at the end of the performances.


Conduct a short discussion with the students using the following prompts: What did you like most about the scenes?  What didn’t work as well?  What reflections of the Spanish Golden Age did you see?  What did the actors do to develop their characters?  Etc. 


At the end of the performance collect the evaluations from all the students in piles of each scene and one for the self-evaluations. 



If time remains, watch some of the Fuente Ovejuna ballet. You can either watch from the start or start anywhere random or watch a little bit in one place, then skip randomly through the film to see different moments throughout the story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1LKevfCnwQ