Stan’s Performances

Lesson 11:

Stan’s Performances



Students will demonstrate their ability to apply Stanislavsky’s acting elements to their Shakespeare piece by performing their final monologue or scene.


Materials Needed:

Evaluation Sheets – Utah Shakespeare Festival High School Shakespeare Competition Ballots:






Have students stand in a large circle and warm up together.  Go around the circle and have each student lead the rest of the class in one warm-up move (either vocal, physical, stretch, etc.).


Give students 5-10 minutes to run through their piece, change into costume, gather props, etc.




Have students perform their pieces and evaluate them based on the Utah Shakespeare Festival High School Competition ballots.


After each performance have three students each share one thing they loved about the performance.




After everyone is done performing, have students pull out their writing journals and respond to their performance.  How do you feel you did in your final performance?  What would you change if you had the opportunity?  What are you most proud of?


Gather everyone together and discuss how they felt about applying Stanislavsky’s work to Shakespeare’s writing – what worked for them?  What discoveries did they make in their own acting process?


Remind students that they are working to develop their own acting system, and Stanislavsky has some great tools to add to their toolbox that they can draw on later in future acting projects.