Work Day

Lesson 3: Work Day


Objective: Students will complete their radio show scripts in preparation for a sound rehearsal.


Materials Needed: Whatever the students bring from home to experiment with, everyday objects around the classroom


Hook: Soundscape

The leader or one member of the group acts as conductor, whilst the rest of the group is the ‘orchestra’. Using their voices (and body percussion if appropriate!), the group paints a soundscape of a particular theme or mood, for example the seaside, a city, a jungle. The leader can control the shape of the piece by raising her hand to increase the volume or bringing it to touch the floor for silence. You may also use simple percussion instruments for this exercise. (


Step 1: Work Day

The goal today is to finish our scripts! If the students are having trouble, ask them these questions: What is the most important part of the unit? (The sound!) How are you facilitating the use of sound in your radio show? Remind them if they have brought any objects to class to experiment with for sound that they can experiment with those today, as well.


Have the students check in with you halfway through the class period. They should show you what they have completed and tell you what goals they are working on next.


Note: If you have noisemaking tools or instruments in your props or classroom, it may be appropriate to bring them in for the kids to experiment with. You also may consider talking with your band teacher to see if there are any percussion instruments you can borrow.


Note: This would be a great day to go to a computer lab. Students should print out the script when they have finished it.