Lesson 5: Performances


Objective: Students will demonstrate their understanding of sound design and Foley art by presenting their radio shows to the class, along with turning in a completed sound cue script.


Materials Needed: an old-fashioned radio (if possible), a table, whatever materials the students bring for their performances

1.Radio Show Rubric


Step 1: Performances

Going in order of the play (or by volunteers, whichever you prefer), have students perform their pieces. For the performances, the audience should face away from the performer’s table at the old-fashioned radio, and should only listen to the performance, not watch. After each piece, have them explain in a few minutes how they made some of their favorite sounds and what they learned about sound design from this process. Let other students look at their equipment and ask questions.


Use the rubric handed out in lesson 1 to grade the students. Have them turn their cue script into you when they are done performing.


Step 2: Personal Response/Reflection

After all students have performed, post these questions on the board and have the students write a response in the remaining class time. If there is not enough time, this can be a take home assignment. 


  1. How has learning about sound influenced how you listen to the world around you?
  2. If you could do this project differently, what would you do? Why?
  3. How was working with the other people in your group? Are/were there any issues I should know about as a teacher?


The reflection paper should be 2-3 paragraphs long.