Workshop Previews Day #1

Lesson #6: Workshop Previews Day #1


Objective: Student will demonstrate an understanding of improving previous practice by previewing their performance and by creating a List of Tips for themselves.


Materials Needed: None


Hook: Unpacking Quote

You need to make mistakes in rehearsal because that’s how you find out what works and what doesn’t. – Clarke Peters


Ask the class to share their initial thoughts about the quote written on the board. Do you agree or disagree? What’s your first reaction to the word “mistake”? Sometimes as actors we are afraid to take risks for fear of failing. Luckily we are in a safe environment today so go for it and we will help you!


Step 1: Workshop Previews

Have the students sign up for a preview slot numbered on the board. Explain how today’s previews will be done in a workshop format. This means that after each preview, the class and teacher will give feedback, then work with the performer on one of their feedback notes in front of the class. Explain how this is done frequently in college conservatory programs where guest artists will give master classes (BYU Arts with MDT program & Audrey McDonald, Leslie Odom Jr., Katherine O’Hara, etc.).


Step 2: List of Tips

While the workshop previews are going, explain to the students how they will need to take out a sheet of paper and pen/ pencil to write down a list of tips or suggestions they heard in other classmates previews that apply to their own performance pieces. Check this off with each student at the end of class. Tell them to keep them safe or leave them with so since we will refer back to them next class.


Wrap Up/ Closure:

As students are checking off their List of Tips with you, check in individually with the few students who chose to create an Influential Musical Presentation for their final assessment. Offer suggestions as needed.

***This lesson will take two days to require ample time to workshop with each student.