Workshop Preview Day #2

Lesson #7: Workshop Preview Day #2


Objective: Student will demonstrate an understanding of improving previous practice by previewing their performance, adding to their List of Tips for themselves, and applying their other feedback not workshopped.


Materials Needed: None


Hook: List of Tips Share

Before starting the workshop previews for the remaining half of the class, select a few students to share their favorite tip from their List of Tips created last class. Why did that tip stick out to them? How could they apply it to their performance? Elsewhere?


Step 1: Workshop Previews

Have the remaining students who haven’t previewed sign up for a preview slot numbered on the board. Remind students (and those who were absent last class) how today’s previews will be done in a workshop format. This means that after each preview, the class and teacher will give feedback, then work with the performer on one of their feedback notes in front of the class.


Step 2: List of Tips

While the workshop previews are going, have the students add to their List of Tips based on tips or suggestions they heard in other classmates previews that apply to their own performance pieces.


Step 3: Application of Tips

With the remainder of class, have the students select three tips from their list that they will apply in their individual practice. Have them put a star or highlight these tips. Once they have practiced/ applied their chosen tips, have them team up with a fellow peer to preview their now revised performance, and have the peer give further feedback on if they have effectively applied their chosen tips.


Wrap Up/ Closure:

As students are checking off their List of Applied Tips with you, check in individually with the few students who chose to create an Influential Musical Presentation for their final assessment. Offer suggestions as needed.