Final Practice focusing on Viewpoints

Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of spatial relationship in blocking their scene by pointing out a moment of spatial relationship in their scene.



• Students – copies of their scripts, rehearsal places for each scene



Have a conversation with the students about what is expected of them in the scene. Explain that often the Viewpoints naturally manifest themselves in the blocking. These are things that we do naturally. Studying viewpoints helps us to better recognize these moments. It can be a lot to think about all 9 and can be a source of stress as I’m sure some of you are feeling. Share with the students the 5 Viewpoints that you will focus on in their final performance. The Viewpoints to focus on are tempo, spatial relationship, gesture, shape and duration.


Step 1:

Warm up- Have the students step into their character and walk around the room as their character. React to the people around you the way your character would react spatially to these people.


Step 2:

Practice: Give the students time to block their scenes. While they are doing this, remind them the importance of separating their scene into different moments. What is the conflict in this scene? How is it resolved? Side coach the students as they rehearse and practice.


Step 3:

Assessment: Have the students vocalize a moment where they use the specific viewpoint of spatial relationship and what the justification is behind it. You can do this one of 2 ways. 1) You can go around the room while they are rehearsing and have them show you their moment and give their justification of it. 2) at the end of class have them show a moment and vocalize it to you/class.