Preview their scene

Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their ability to recognize the use of Viewpoints in a scene by listing the viewpoints the notice in each of their peers’ scenes.



• Performance space
• The Viewpoints Book by Anne Bogart

Lesson 8.Viewpoints Scene Preview Sheet



Re visit the tag shape game. How can they increase in their spontaneity and awareness of their surroundings? Encourage them to think outside of the box. After the exercise talk to the students what they did differently this time from last time.


Step 1:

Preview: Have the students divide into 2 groups. One group will have 3 scenes and the other will have 4 scenes. Instruct the students that they will be previewing their scene to their fellow peers. It is their job as an audience member to take note of what viewpoints were applied and how they were used. The students must write something that the scene did well at and one area that they can improve in.


Step 2:

Discussion: Once the groups have previewed have all of the students come together and discuss what they saw. What viewpoints did they see that worked well? Which one did it look like the scenes struggled with most? Have the students pass out the notes that they made for their peers.


Step 3:

Practice: Give the students the rest of the time to review the notes that were given and to rehearse based on their evaluations.


Step 4:

Assessment: Have the students write down how they felt their scene has improved after rehearsing with the critiques their peers gave them.