Final scene performance

Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their ability to utilize Viewpoints in a performance of a scene by performing their scene for the class.



• Viewpoints Scene Rubric  Lesson 9.Viewpoints Scene Rubric



Have the students move around the space in their character. Encourage the students to be aware of how their character would respond. They are not performing this character but simply being this character. We make choices around us based on what choice our character would make.


Step 1:

Give the students around 5 minutes to get any last minute things ready for their performance. As they are doing this write the numbers 1-11 on the board. Have the partnerships come and sign up for which performance slot that they want. They will label who they are by the title of their show.


Step 2:

Final Assessment: Have each of the students perform their scene. As the scenes are being performed every student should write down one thing they enjoyed in the performance related to Viewpoints.


Step 3:

With whatever time is left, discuss with the students what they saw in the performances today. What worked well for them? What improvements



Have the students write down how their knowledge of viewpoints will help them in later experience in performance. This response will go on the same sheet of paper as their comments for their peers. They will turn this in as credit for participation today.