Recording Podcasts

Lesson 6— Recording Podcasts



Students will demonstrate their understanding of vocal variety by recording their podcasts.


Materials Needed:

Each group will need at least one recording device (their phones will work fine)



Bell ringer question: What makes you excited to record your podcast? Is there anything you need to finish quickly before you’re ready to record? No vocab for today.


  • Work Time

Give the students time to finish any last minute preparation that they need to for their podcasts.


  • Recording Time

Find as many quiet-ish locations as possible in your space for students to record. Encourage students to do multiple “takes” if they need to in order to get the best audio possible. Remind students that this will be their last opportunity to record audio during class, so to use their time wisely so they will be ready to edit their audio next class period.


  • Discussion

As groups are winding down with their recording and finishing up, hold a discussion with the class.

  • What did you enjoy about recording your podcast?
  • What was difficult about recording your podcast?
  • Where did you include elements of diction and projection?
  • What about rate and pitch?
  • Tone and emphasis?
  • Dialects?
  • If you could go back and change one thing about your podcast, what would you change?



Students can be assessed on their full participation in recording their podcast.