Editing Podcasts

Lesson 7— Editing Podcasts



Students will demonstrate their understanding of podcasts by editing their podcasts.


Materials Needed:

Projector, audacity software, Computers lab



Bell ringer question: What editing do you need to do for your podcast today?

Vocabulary: Audacity: Audio editing software


  • Explanation of Audacity

Ask the students if any of them have ever used audacity before. Gauge the student’s level of knowledge and determine how in-depth of an overview you should give of the program. Have a student who’s used the program before explain how to import audio files as you demonstrate it on the computer/projector. Have another student who’s used the program explain how to cut and re-organize audio clips. For the most part, this is all students will NEED to know how to do, but you could choose to show some of audacity’s more advanced features, too. (Or have a student show off one of their favorite features of Audacity.)


  • Computer Lab Work Time

Bring the students down to the computer lab. At the computer lab, they should sit with their groups. They can decide if they all want to work on one computer together or if they want to divide up the work, and then join their individual files together at the end. Remind the students that this will be the only class period that you give them to edit their audio files, and that we will be presenting our podcasts to the rest of the class next time. Give them the remainder of the class period to work on finalizing their podcasts.



Students can be assessed on their level of participation on editing their audio files.