Starting the Lighting Design: Concepts

Lesson 3 – Starting the Lighting Design: Concepts



Students will demonstrate their understanding of design concepts by selecting a conceptual idea for their lighting design, with supporting artifacts.


National Standards:

TH:Cr1.1.I.a. Apply basic research to construct ideas about the visual composition of a drama/theatre work.

TH:Pr5.1.I.b. Use researched technical elements to increase the impact of design for a drama/theatre production.

TH:Cn11.2.I.b. Use basic theatre research methods to better understand the social and cultural background of a drama/theatre work.



Computer hookup and projection, iPads


Hook: Have a picture displayed from a production that you know the concept for (I will use my design for The Last Five Years). Explain the concept of the show (the stage was a memory clock, so we started every scene lighting the space where the actor stood (12, 1, 2, etc.), then we confined the light only to where they needed to move on the stage, keeping the rest of the stage dark, like the edges of a memory).


Step 1: What is a lighting concept?

If you have not taught about concept yet, define it for the students as a focusing idea for the design of the show. How does a concept affect a design? What about specifically a lighting design? Often lighting design concepts are related to the concept of the show, but they don’t have to be the same thing.


Conclusion: Take the rest of the time on the iPads to research ideas for your concept. By the time you leave today I want you to send me your concept and two inspiration photos pictures in an email. Make sure to cc yourself on the email so you also have a copy. If you finish, share your concept and reasoning for it with another person in the class. Discuss their concept and help them refine it. You should focus on what you like about the pictures you find and how you plan on implementing the idea in your design.