The Hang (Optional)

Lesson 9: The Hang (Optional)



Students will be able to read and hang a light plot.


National Standards:

 TH:Cr1.1.I.b. Explore the impact of technology on design choices in a drama/theatre work.

TH:Re9.1.I.b. Consider the aesthetics of the production elements in a drama/theatre work.


Materials Needed:

A theater, C-wrenches, lighting fixtures, a plot and paperwork


Hook: Select one of the student’s projects, either by democratic process or by teacher’s choice, for hanging in your theater. Take the students into the theater and divide them into teams.


Step 1: Have each team go to a different area in the theater with instructions on how to hang the lights. You may need to make copies of the plot, or have the students take pictures of the section they are supposed to hang with their phones. Have them hang the lights, making sure to plug them into the correct dimmers. Be sensitive of students who have an aversion to heights.


Step 2: After the lights are hung, divide the students into two groups: one for putting color in the lights, and the other for programming. They will switch partway through the lesson.  Show the programming students how to patch channels using the Channel Hookup, demonstrating how now when we enter the channel into the board, the light turns on. Have each student patch a couple of lights. The color group should take the instrument schedule and the plot and install color into the lighting fixtures.


Step 3: Focus

Have the students divide into their hang groups again to go focus the lights. Show them how to focus before sending them off. Keep one student on the ground to run the board.


Note: It is okay, and very normal, if this process takes several days.