Choosing stories to complement the theme

Lesson #2 – Choosing stories to complement the theme



Students will demonstrate their understanding of the developed theme by bringing several children’s stories to the table to be considered for the performance.



Additional children’s books for those students who do not do the homework



Ask students to hold the storybooks they brought over their heads.  As the teacher calls student’s name, have student shout out the name of their stories. Record points for students as you see and hear the name of the books.



Go back to the board and look at the theme.  Divide the class up into smaller groups.  Have students share the stories they brought in 30-60 seconds each.  Together as a group discuss whether or not they think the story is the best fit with the theme.  Have them choose the best books that fit the theme.



Narrow the options from each group down to a total of a few stories to read out loud as a class. Discuss the character and narrator roles.  Discuss the message of each story. 



Explain to the class what Process Drama is:  Dissecting a story or play, acting out scenarios that may be indicated but not part of the story.  This process is for the actor only; it is not for an audience.

Have the class choose one of the stories brought to class to experience as a process drama in the future.  Have each student come up with something they would like to do during the process – what are things that could be explored in this story?  Write these ideas on the board.  Later, the teacher can choose the appropriate activities to develop for the next class based on the ideas.



Each student must choose one story that he/she will direct as part of the Children’s Theatre production.  The titles should be written down along with the director’s name.



Discuss how knowing what story they each will be responsible for will enhance the process drama experience. Each student must type his story out so he/she has a working copy to be written on, etc.. This will be worth 25 points.  This assignment will be due at the beginning of lesson 5.



Students can be assessed by having the actual books or copies of stories with them and by the input they provided for the process drama.