Intro to Voice


The students will demonstrate their ability to communicate a character through vocal technique
by representing a character in a short improvised scene.




Can you identify someone by their voice? (Discuss)


o Option #1- Have students listen to an impersonator and say who is speaking (do not show the
video so they cannot see it is all the same person)

•Good videos, but kids won’t know many people:
•Or just have clips of the actual speaker- no need to show them after
Discuss how they knew who the speaker was. What vocal qualities did they notice?



o Option #2- Lead the students in a game of “Name That Voice.” Have a student select one of the
actors/characters and try to mimic his/her voice. They shouldn’t quote the person, but rather
talk like that person. When the rest of the class knows who the student is, they should quietly
raise their hand. Repeat until time is up.



– Group List- What ways can you change your voice? Share as a class.

– Complete first part of Voice Note page as a class (see Appendix A)

– Practice– give each student a card with a different character on it. In groups, they need to plan a 1-2
minute scene using the characters they have. Each character must have a clear and distinct voice.