Vocal Anatomy


The students will demonstrate their knowledge of voice by creating a poster with a group.




Vocal Countdown- Have students stand and count to 10 several times. Each time they will use a
new vocal quality.


o Ideas- Drill Sergeant, Raspy, Opera Singer, Angry, Sad, Laughing, Cowboy, Three-year old,
Romantically, Really Fast, Low Pitched Voice, Bored, Rock Singer, High Pitch, Very Slow, Martian
voice, Airy, Sarcastic, Irish, Stern, Ultimate Power, Valley Girl, etc.
– Review ways to change the voice

– Finish Voice Note page (see full unit of plans for handout)- Vocal Anatomy part

– What is voice? In groups- have students make a poster- they can draw vocal anatomy, list ways to
change their voice, anything. Have students share their posters and hang them up.




participation in poster creation and sharing




(see full unit of plans for handout)