OBJECTIVE: Students will demonstrate their ability to act, by performing a scene.


MATERIALS NEEDED: Feedback handout   Lesson 5.Preview Handout



HOOK: Bring the students together in a circle. Remind them that we are all here to help each other have great performances. What are some ways that we can help each other to have great scenes? How can we help members of our own scenes? How can we help members of other scenes? Explain that today they will be performing for the class. Express that the expectations are that those that are watching help those on stage by helping them to see where they can improve for their performance.


STEP 1: Group practice – Allow groups time to warm up and to practice their scenes.


STEP 2: As one of the groups sets up their stage, assign each of the students in the audience a specific actor to watch. Ask them to give at least the following feedback:

  • 1 Thing they did great
  • 2 Things that they can work on


Remind the students to be very specific in their feedback. You may choose to give examples of good feedback and remind the students of the basic criteria they are looking at (characterization and blocking). You may also choose to give the students a grade on their feedback.


STEP 3: Performance – Have students perform their scenes. Provide feedback for the students using the feedback handout (see attachment). Collect the feedback from students along with your own feedback. Repeat until all scenes have performed.


CLOSURE: After all groups have performed, if there is extra time you may choose to use that time as a teaching moment to focus on any particular general need observed in the scenes and address them with the entire class.


ASSESSMENT: Students can be assessed by their feedback and/or their previews.