OBJECTIVE: Students will prepare to demonstrate their ability to act by applying their feedback and improving their scene.


MATERIALS NEEDED: Feedback from previous class period.



HOOK: That magical machine. Bring students into a circle.  Have one student come to the center of the circle and take a pose. Within that pose they must have a consistent simple movement/gesture and a noise as those they were a machine. Another student joins the other and adds to their movement (preferably connecting their movement with the other. One by one students join the machine. Encourage a variety of movements and sounds. You can add to the effect by directing the machine to go faster, slow down and finally to stop.


STEP 1: Discussion/Transition – What did that activity require from the individual? What did it require from the whole? How did it feel to be a part of this great machine? What would have happened if we didn’t follow the same directions? Etc.

How can this activity apply to our group work in our scenes? How can we contribute to our scenes? How does what you do effect your group? The class?

Encourage students to contribute to their group ideas and to work together to improve their scene.


STEP 2: Group Instruction – Handout your feedback and the feedback from the other students to the specified groups. Allow time for the students in their groups to read over their feedback and to ask any questions.


STEP 3: Group Practice – Allow time for the students to rehearse in their groups. Provide guidance and assistance as necessary.


CLOSURE: Bring the students together. Have students share with the class some of the things they focused on in their rehearsal today and how they improved. Have each student share with a neighbor something they plan to work on next time.


Review the calendar with the students to ensure they are clear of final performance dates and all assignment requirements.


ASSESSMENT: Students can be assessed by their participation and/or effective use of rehearsal time.