Poetry- Dramatic Reading


The students will demonstrate their ability to use vocal variety by planning a presenting a
dramatic reading of a short poem.


– In small groups, have students discuss their findings from their homework. What traits stood out the
most? What kinds of voices were most pleasing? Most annoying?



listen to a SHORT dramatic reading of a poem

o The Bells by Edgar Allan Poe- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arYJmDmjAkc
o Think-Pair-Share- What made this reading interesting? What vocal techniques did the reader
use? What could have made it better?


– Go over rubric (See full unit of plans for rubric). Student should mark their poems when they will change their voice.
(Model on Elmo)


– Students should select a Shel Silverstein poem (or Halloween poem if October) from the poems collected
by the teacher. Students should mark their poems and practice reading it aloud. If time permits, let
them rehearse with a partner near them.


– Have students perform when they are ready. Performances will continue to the next day.




oral presentation graded based on rubric (See full unit of plans for rubric)