OBJECTIVE: Students will demonstrate their ability to act by performing a scene.


MATERIALS NEEDED: Curious Savage Performance Rubric  Lesson 8.Performance Rubric



HOOK: Visualization exercise. Have the students spread out and lay down comfortably on their back. Lead them in closing their eyes and to silently meditate on their performance. Guide them in taking deep breaths, in relaxing and in visualizing a great performance. Have them imagine their entrance, executing their first line and feeling triumphant at the end.

Transition –  Show confidence that they will all perform their best and produce great work.


STEP 1: Instruction – Review with the students, once again, the performance grading rubric. Site examples from each of the categories and clarify expectations. Allow for questions from the students.


STEP 2: Group Practice – Allow the students time to change into their costume and to warm up.


STEP 3: Performance – Students perform their scenes for the class. Teacher can evaluate the scene as a whole or the individual characters using the Curious Savage Performance Rubric.

You may choose to return to them their grades immediately or wait to record them and return them later.


CLOSURE: Congratulate the student’s on their performances. Discuss with the students the following to receive feedback: what did you learn? If you had more time, what else could you have done? Did you feel that you had enough time to accomplish everything? Too much time? What was the hardest thing? What was your favorite part? If you could do it again, what would you have done differently?


ASSESSMENT: Students can be assessed by their final performances.