Autobiography Speech- 3 hobbies (3 days)


The students will demonstrate their ability to use their voice effectively when speaking by
presenting their Autobiography Speech.


– Teacher gives a sample autobiography speech (using 3 items that represent them)
o Discuss- in what ways was it interesting to listen to this speech? What could have made it


– Go over project requirements (3 objects, use vocal variety, etc) and outline format (See full unit of plans)


– Give students planning time remainder of the first day. Check in on their progress and offer ideas to
students who may be struggling.


o Check in with students after 30 minutes (they should have the first half of their outline donethe
rest can be homework)


– 2 days of speech presentations will follow.




1- Teacher will use rubric (See full unit of lesson plans) to score students. 2-students grade themselves by answering the reflection questions (See Full unit of lesson plans)