Dramatic Reading of Children’s Book with a partner (2 days)


The students will demonstrate their ability to use vocal variety by planning and presenting a
dramatic reading of a children’s book.



Think back to when someone has read a story to you out loud. Take out a paper and make a 2-
column list. Good readers… and bad readers… Give a few minutes to brainstorm and then make a list as
a class


o Listen to a SHORT dramatic reading of a children’s book

o Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdU6FF7Nxf8

o Think-Pair-Share- What made this reading interesting? What vocal techniques did the reader
use? What could have made it better?


– Field trip to the library to select a short picture book with their partner (Readings should be 2-4 minutes.
They may need to do a small portion of it if it is too long)


– Go over rubric (See full unit of lessons)

o Students can begin planning and rehearsing with their partner
Then pair up with another group, share, and give feedback- What did they do well? What
can they work on?


– Students will do a final rehearsal and start performances the next day


o Option 1- Walking field trip to a local elementary school to share stories
Email teachers in advance to see interest. Have students got in groups of 2-3
to each class interested.


o Option 2- Coordinate with the English teachers- send in groups of 2-3 per teacher to read aloud
to the class. English teachers would fill out rubric.




oral presentation graded based on rubric;




Have students take the voice quiz! (See full unit of lessons) For #s, 22-25, the students will come read to their teacher using vocal qualities they have learned about. Answers are included
(See full unit of lessons)




why is it important to be able to change your voice as a performer? Is the ability to
change your voice useful for any other reasons?