Lesson 7: Practice & Preview

Lesson 7: Practice & Preview


Objective: Students will be able to prepare and improve their final performance of the Crispian speech by completing a rehearsal bingo assignment.




Hook: Review Techniques

Split class into 3 groups.  Assign each group a term/tool Shakespeare used in his writing. They are responsible for review and teaching the class the technique.

  1. Iambic pentameter
  2. Inflections
  3. Dramatic build



Ask students why we translate the speech into modern English?

  • It helps us get the context or the meaning of the words


Activity : Translations

Translate the Crispian Speech into Modern English.  Each translated line should be written next to the Shakespearean Line.  This will be handed in for points for the final.



  1. Explain to students that they will be doing a rehearsal bingo to prepare for their performances next class.

Activity: Rehearsal Bingo

Have students copy the bingo chart into their drama journals.  They should aim for a blackout of the chart using bingo lines.

  1. Show Teacher = Perform for the teacher and receive feedback.
  2. Show 2 Peers = Perform for at least two peers and receive feedback.
  3. Inflections = Mark the inflections on your hardcopy speech and practice them.
  4. Perfect Run = Run your performance until you feel you have accomplished a perfect run.
  5. Dramatic Build = Practice dramatic build and dramatic moments.
  6. Iambic Pentameter = Mark the Iambic Pentameter on your hardcopy speech and practice the rhythm.


For the final students will be required to perform their speeches and hand in their written work.

5 points for written inflections, 5 points for Iambic Pentameter, and 5 points for Translations


Allow students the rest of class to finish their bingo charts.



Allow time to go over the performance rubric before the end of class.