Return and Report Day


Lesson 3: Return and Report Day


Objective: Students will demonstrate their knowledge gained from their research the previous day of their characters by completing the get to know you game.


Materials Needed: Get to know you game grids   Lesson 3.Get To Know You Grid, students need to bring their research printed if they have not already done so


Homework due: Research


Hook: Have people pull out their research and have them share with a group something interesting they learned about their characters. Then have them share with the class some interesting facts about what they discovered about their characters. What did they learn that they didn’t already know about their character?

  • Express appreciation for their work and research and tell them not to stop researching their characters throughout the entire unit.


Step 1: Pull out getting to know you grids. Hand one to each person and have them go around and “get to know” each other’s characters. They are required to go around and get the signature of the characters on their grids when they have found that specific quality.


 Step 2: Allow students 10-15 minutes time to “get to know” other characters


Step 3:  After students have played the grid game, go through and put a star or check mark next to the squares that they don’t know about your own character.

Let’s talk about these get to know your character more and the others in the room. Why would I have you get to know other characters?

  • Because the final assignment requires you to interact with other characters
  • It’s good to know something about the other characters you will be interacting with
  • Good to know who is doing what in our final assessment


What did you discover about your own character? Did your research help you in this assignment? If not, I want you to take this and find out how these relate to your characters. Come back and be ready to tell me how.


Step 3: Pull out laptops again and allow them to do more research on their characters based on the grids. Think about how this applies to your character if you are going to perform as this person.


Assessment: Hand in your grids to the basket. Share one new fact with another classmate that you learned from the grid assignment.