Making the Cartoons Part 1

LESSON 5– Making the Cartoons Part 1


Educational Objective: Students will demonstrate their understanding of character, setting, and story development by putting together their cartoon project. e:


Standard: L2.T.P.1: Develop the character, setting, and essential events in a story or script that make up the dramatic structure in a drama/theatre work.


Materials Needed: Technological devices to access Toontastic 3D app (information link here:; download on Google Play for Android or App Store for Apple devices)

            Rubric Voicing Your Own Cartoons Rubric


Warm-up: 2-Lines (2 characters have only two lines each during a scene, the 3rd character can say whatever they want– as long as it is within the context of the scene and is school appropriate and not vulgar)


Instruction/ Tutorial: How to Use the App– Toontastic 3D

  • Show the example cartoon that you made with mentor teacher– “Camping with Bigfoot”
  • Go through step-by-step of using the app– creating characters, choosing setting, filming parts of the story, etc. (NOTE: The app gives explanations and options).
  • Go through the following rubric to explain the elements students will be graded on in their performances/ cartoons: vocal expression, character consistency, projection/ diction, plot (follow dramatic structure). Each student should have their own printed rubric to refer to as they practice.


Assignment: Time to create their own

Students can choose their groups (no more than 3 people). In their groups, they will brainstorm a story and create a cartoon using character voices. At least one person must have a smartphone or tablet. Please include the character that you created last time! NOTE: if no one in one group has a smartphone or tablet, then the group may use the app on the iPad.