Final Presentations

LESSON 7– Final Presentations


Educational Objective: Students will demonstrate their understanding of voice as a tool for character development by creating character voices and creating a cartoon in a small group project.


Standards: L2.T.P.1: Develop the character, setting, and essential events in a story or script that make up the dramatic structure in a drama/theatre work.

L2.T.R.6: Develop detailed supporting evidence and criteria to reinforce and defend artistic choices when participating in or observing a drama/theatre work.


Materials Needed: Technology and hook-ups to play the cartoons


Presentations– student will evaluate other cartoons within these areas on the following handout: 

  • NOTE: They need to fill out an evaluation for EACH cartoon (between 6 and 8 total, depending on the number of groups in the class).


Discussion/ Assessment: Ask the students the following questions:

  • How can variances volume, pitch, tone, rate, and vocal clarity to convey meaning and even create different characters? How has this project helped you explore new voices for character and exploring how we communicate?
    • Possible answers may include speaking clearly, using vocal inflection and emphasis to give meaning, using tone and pitch to change sound, etc.
  • Can you identify and analyze another person’s use of vocal techniques and practices in their own performance? For example, how did they use vocal expression (and vocal placement) to create someone new?
    • Possible answers may include comments about a student’s use of vocal placement to make their voice sound different, use of rate to talk faster or slower, etc.
  • Now let’s expand our thinking beyond the classroom…How can creating meaning and applying principles of vocal technique in a performance promote empathy?
    • Possible answers may include getting to know a character and understanding their experience; “walking a mile in their shoes,” etc.


Improv Time– After the performances, as per the end of every major unit/final performance, they will have some Improv Time to play improvisation games.