Character Development

Lesson 2: Character Development

Length: 75 min.

Lesson Objective:Students will demonstrate an ability to select and prepare appropriate audition material by working on two contrasting, teacher-approved, one-minute monologues.

Levels of Understanding:apply, interpret

National Standards:

TH:Re9.1.8. a. Respond to a drama/ theatre work using supporting evidence, personal aesthetics, and artistic criteria.

Materials Needed:

One rubric (Monologue Evaluation) for each student

Two copies of Character Analysis for each student

Step One: Students will bring their monologues to the teacher for approval. To meet approval, monologues must be contrasting and meet the “Guidelines for Selecting Monologues” as shared in last class’ handout.

Step Two:Once students have their monologues approved, they are given one monologue rubric and two character analysis worksheets. On the back of the rubric, they write objectives and tactics for both their monologues’ characters.  They complete the analysis worksheets for their characters as well.

Step Three:Students have the remainder of the class to rehearse and memorize their monologues. At the end of class, they should turn in their rubric and analysis sheets. They must be memorized by next class period.