Casting Day 1

Lesson 5: Casting Day 1

Length: 75 min.

Lesson Objective:Students will demonstrate their ability to give and evaluate performance through participating in an audition process.

Levels of Understanding: apply, self-knowledge, empathize

National Standards:

TH:Pr6.1.8.a. Perform a rehearsed drama/theatre work for an audience.

TH:Re8.1.8.c. Apply personal aesthetics, preferences, and beliefs to evaluate a drama/theatre work.

Materials Needed:



Means for displaying YouTube clip

10 min

Hook:Introduce who Megan Larche Dominick is (helped cast The Lion King, Hairspray the movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, True Grit, A Chorus Line, Grease). Watch clips of her video:

Discuss what it’s like being on the other side of the table, as a casting director. Casting directors are your biggest cheerleaders. Often in regional and community theatre, on the other side of the table will be the director and producers, rather than a casting director. Regardless, they are looking for the right fit (not necessarily the most talented or funny or dramatic person). They want you to do your best. In the end, if/who you get cast as often depends on whom else is being cast—casting is about finding the right ensemble. It’s like putting a giant puzzle together.

55 min

Step One:The class will once more split into two groups, each consisting of six creative teams. One group will be headed by the student teacher, the other by the mentor teacher.

Step Two: The teacher will function as a stage manager, keeping track of time. Each of the eighteen students will give their monologues for the creative teams, who are acting as casting directors. With the amount of time given, there will be 5 min allotted to introduce, give, and review each audition—two and a half minutes provided for each audition, two and a half minutes provided for transitions and for creative teams to discuss thoughts.

As students talk with their creative teams, they take written notes, casting their shows. Students may not cast themselves or their fellow creative team members in their play.

As the students audition, the teachers fill out the monologue rubric sheets.

10 min

Step Three: Have the students discuss in their partnerships what they learned and felt during the day. How do they feel about next class? Ask for a few answers to share with the entire half of the class.

Remind the class that next time, they will have their casting celebration. If they would like to bring food to share, they may.