Casting Day 2

Lesson 6: Casting Day 2

Length: 75 min.

Lesson Objective:Students will demonstrate their ability to give and evaluate performance through participating in an audition process.

Levels of Understanding: apply, self-knowledge, empathize

National Standards:

TH:Pr6.1.8.a. Perform a rehearsed drama/theatre work for an audience.

TH:Re8.1.8.c. Apply personal aesthetics, preferences, and beliefs to evaluate a drama/theatre work.

Materials Needed:


Pens or pencils

5 min

Step One:The class once more divides to finish auditioning, but the mentor teacher and student teacher switch groups.

35 min

Step Two:The same process as in lesson five occurs. Sometime today, the teachers also audition for their students.

10 min

Step Three: Rejoin the two groups. We will be skipping callbacks. Each casting team takes five minutes to decide whom they are going to cast. They write their decisions down. What was hard about casting? Why? Anything easy? What side of the table did they prefer being on? Would they consider a career as a casting director or an actor someday?

5-10 min

Step Four:If the teachers feel the class is ready, casting decisions are revealed. Either way, a talk about resiliency and the benefits of theatre in life is given. One of the best pieces of advice was that if you don’t get into a show, go feel sorry for yourself for an hour, eat some ice cream, then pick yourself back up and have at it again!

10-15 min

Step Five:This is now what the class will do. They will have a party to celebrate their auditioning! Improv games are had by all.