Learning Objective:

Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of characterization by writing a personal monologue.


Materials Needed:

An open performing space, student journals.



Play a clip from “Wait Until Dark”—have the students look for different things Audrey Hepburn does to create a believable character—respond in their journals.


Step One- Discussion

Discuss what stood out in Audrey Hepburn’s performance. How did she physicalize her character? What made you interested in watching her? (believable)


Step Two- Transition

Define what a believable character is as a class. (To be a believable character you have to take on every action and task as if it were your own). This next activity will challenge us to uncover the details of our characters life so we can be more believable with our acting.


Step Three- Instruction

Split the class up into small groups (5-6 people). Have them find their own place in the room and sit in a circle facing each other. We are going to share things about the character we are playing. Our answers will be from the characters perspective not the actors. We will go around the circle several times and each time around each person has 1 minute to do one of the following (in this order): introduce themselves, talk about someone they love, talk about why they also hate that same person, and then talk about an object that has significance to them.


Step Four-Group Sharing

Tell the group once a minute is up and that they should switch to the next person. Encourage the students that if they finish sharing before their minute is up to go back and add more detail until time is up. Do not move on until the minute is up. Go around the circle four times.


Step Five- Individual Practice

Once each group is done have the students go back to their seats and pull out a piece of paper and a writing utensil. Write a short monologue as their character where they include all the stuff they talked about in the circle.


Step Six- Performance in Groups

Have the students get back into their groups and perform their monologues with one another. Each student should perform their monologues with one another. Once everyone is shared have each group nominate a student to share their monologue with the whole class.


Step Seven- Instruction

Before the nominated people perform tell the class, to take notice of things that stick out to them, what choices were powerful, what made a choice powerful, what connection did you make with this character?


Step Eight- Performance

Have the students perform back to back. If there is enough time ask for more students to perform.


Step Nine- Discussion

Ask the students to respond to the performances. Think about the questions I asked before they began and share your insights.


Step Ten- Partner Work Time

If enough time is left in class have the students get with their scene partner and work on their scene. Have the students reflect upon the things they learned about their character. How can that help influence the scene? Work on memorization.



Students will demonstrate a deep understanding of their character by writing a personal monologue.