Looking the Part

Learning Objective:

Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of their character by developing the look of their character through costumes and accessories.


Materials Needed:

Access to costumes, coloring supplies (optional)


Welcome the class. Today we are going to be previewing in groups. Your scene does not have to be performance ready but you have to show evidence of character development.



Have each student take out a piece of paper and draw a picture of their character in a place that they love. Have them include details of clothing and accessories. You could even have them color them in with crayon or colored pencils.


Step One-Transition/Instruction

Pull out your picture that you drew of your character and look at the clothes you put them in. Get with your partner and discuss the clothing choices you see your characters in.


Step Two- Partner Discussion

Give the students 3-4 minutes to discuss their characters costumes. As students are discussing tell the students to take into consideration the characters status, time period, occupation in some cases, and what props you would need to make your scene believable.


Step Three-Instruction

Gather all the class together and tell them they have 20 minutes to run through and practice their scenes. They can work in the classroom or the student area across the hall. Tell the students to work the entire time.


Step Four-Practice

Students rehearse their pieces for 20 minutes. Concentrating on believable characters, what they are fighting for, set needs, and being aware of the audience. While the groups are working give each group a number and tell them to remember it.


Step Five- Instruction

Gather all the groups together and tell them that the first half of the numbers will pick out costumes while the other half previews for each other. If you are previewing get with another group and perform for each other. Once one group has performed have the other group give feedback on their attention to character, believability, and overall observations. Then once that is done switch and repeat the same process.


Step Six- Performance

Half the class will be picking out costume pieces while the other half is previewing for each other. Make sure to walk around the classroom to make sure everyone is on task.


Step Seven- Transition

Once the groups are done previewing for each other have the class switch. Those who were picking out costumes now preview for one another.


Step Eight- Discussion

Gather the whole class together and ask the class how they feel about their scenes? Are you making progress with your character? Did you see believable characters? What things do you still need to work on? How is your memorization? Are half of you ready to perform? Make a decision as a class when the final scene performance will be.



Students will demonstrate understanding of their character by previewing for a group of students