Rehearsal & Preview

Learning Objective:

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of character research, characterization, physicality, and stock characters by previewing their scene in front of the class.


Materials Needed:

Costumes, Copy of a rubric – Final Rubric



Ask a student to model a correct way to slate for the whole class.


Step One- Instruction

Review with the class the different parts of a slate.


Step Two- Transition

Give each of the groups their costume pieces. Have them take them and try them on. If students need alterations or a different option tell them to notify you before the end of the class period.


Step Three-Instruction

Have each of the students get with their scene partner and do a speed through of lines. If someone hesitates a tiny bit you have to start from the beginning.


Step Four- Practice

Have student do a speed through for about 8 minutes.


Step Five- Instruction

Tell the class they will be evaluated on a rubric. Have an example of the rubric they will be evaluated on. During moments when you are not rehearsing or waiting for your partner to get changed come to the front of the classroom and look at the requirements you will be graded on.


Step Six- Practice

Get with your partner and rehearse your scene. Spend the rest of the class period running and working the piece.


Step Seven- Wrap-up

Gather all the students back together and ask how the progress is going? Have the students turn to their partners and make one goal for themselves of something they want to improve upon before next rehearsal and or performance.



Students will be assessed on their attendance and participation in rehearsing their piece.



Example of the Rubric.