Who a Character Is and What They Want from Others

Lesson 5: Who A Character Is & What They Want From Others

Length: 75 min.

Objective:Students will demonstrate an ability to apply tactics, objectives, and given circumstance through rehearsing a contemporary scene.

Levels of Understanding:

apply, interpret, empathize

National Standards:

TH:Cr3.1.I.b. Explore physical, vocal and physiological choices to develop a performance that is believable, authentic, and relevant to a drama/theatre work.

TH:Re8.1.I.c. Justify personal aesthetics, preferences, and beliefs through participation in and observation of a drama/theatre work.

TH:Pr4.1.I.b. Shape character choices using given circumstances in a drama/theatre work.

TH: Pr6.1.I.a. Perform a scripted drama/theatre work for a specific audience.

Materials Needed:

Photocopied scenes

Given Circumstance worksheet

Hook (15 min):

Have the students think about their characters and begin to walk about the room in role. As they mill about, let the characters begin to freely interact. Are there characters they are drawn to? Repelled by? Wish to avoid?

At the conclusion, have the students freeze. With whomever they are next to, have them compare Given Circumstance forms. Considering the characters’ backgrounds, do the relationships they have been enacting make sense? What is unexpected? Do they want anything from those around them? These are What insights into people and society can we take from this exercise?

Step One (20 min):

Let the students rehearse. Go around the room, coaching and previewing as necessary.

Step Two (15 min): Pause the students’ rehearsals. Have them sit down, and mark on their scripts the beats and their characters’ tactics and objectives. How do their given circumstances influence these objectives? Students should already have a knowledge of how to do this. Instruct them as necessary.

Step Three (20 min):Let the students rehearse again, this time focusing on their tactics and objectives. Focus in side coaching on how given circumstance can influence the tactics and objectives.

Step Four:Before students leave, let them know that in between now and next class, they should consider and prepare props, costuming, etc. for a “dress rehearsal” and preview performance.