Performance (Day 1/2)

Lesson 7: Performance (Day 1/2)

Length: 75 min.

Objective:Students will demonstrate an ability to make and analyze artistic choices through performing and critiquing contemporary scenes.

Levels of Understanding:

self-knowledge, apply, explain

National Standards:

TH:Re7.1.I.a. Respond to what is seen, felt, and heard in a drama/theatre work to develop criteria for artistic choices.

TH: Pr6.1.I.a. Perform a scripted drama/theatre work for a specific audience.

Materials Needed:

All student-compiled materials necessary for performance



Hook (20 min):

Give the students time to gather what they need for performance and move into the auditorium. They will have 15-20 minutes to practice and refresh their scenes before performance.

Step One (50 min):

Each group will perform. The group that goes first will have an opportunity to redo their performance at the end of all the performances.  After their performance, they will conduct a feedback session with the class. Each student will note on paper for each scene one thing they thought the performers did well, and one thing they could improve on. The performers first ask for the positive feedback, selecting who to call on. They then call on three people to share their suggestions for improvement. After the class gives feedback, the teacher gives their comments. Students will be graded on the Contemporary Scenes Rubric.

Step Two (5 min):

Give the class time to clean up and move from the auditorium back into the classroom.