Learning Objective:

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the process of creating a character by performing a 2-3 minute scene with a partner for the class.


Materials Needed:




Have the students leave their bags and phones in the classroom. Go to the auditorium. There will be a table with audition forms on it. The students will fill them out. When finished with their forms, the students will give them to the teachers overseeing their auditions.


Step One-Instruction

Hand out rubrics to each student so that they may review their peers as they watch them. This will allow each student to have notes from both their peers and professors.


Step Two-Transition

The students will observe all the auditions. The teachers will choose what order the students audition by randomly picking an audition form.


Step Three-Performance

Begin the scene performances.


Step Four- Analysis

Students and teachers will fill rubric with notes and thoughts as students perform.


Step Five- Discussion

What were some characteristics of the best scenes? What were you pleased with in your scene performance? What will you do differently next time? How and what would you do to continue to develop your character?


Step Six-Wrap-up

Gather rubrics/ notes from peer-students.


Step Seven-Unit Discussion

What did you learn from this unit? When will this knowledge be used? Is it applicable to real life? If so, how? How can an actor apply, in real life, the empathy and knowledge gained from portraying and studying characters? What tools or techniques that you learned while acting can be applied to everyday life and other classes?



Students will showcase the skills learned over the past unit on creating character in a scene performance—have to be present.