Puppet Conception and Creation

Lesson 4: Puppet Conception and Creation

Length: 65 min.

Objective:Students will demonstrate an ability to interpret and create from a design through creating their designed puppet character.

Levels of Understanding:

Interpret, Apply

National Standards:

TH:Cr.1.1.7.b. Explain and present solutions to design challenges in a drama/ theatre work.

TH:Cr.1.1.7.c. Envision and describe a scripted or improvised character’s inner thoughts and objectives in a drama/theatre work.

Materials Needed:

Materials for creating puppets (e.g. hot glue, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, felt, etc.)


Have all the puppet materials neatly arranged on a table at the front of the class.

Step 1:

Walk the students through how to create hair, attach eyes and clothes, how many materials they each may use. If students get burned while using hot glue guns, they must come and tell the teacher who will either administer aid or send the student to the office for treatment.

The students must have their golden tickets (design sheets) signed off by the teacher before having access to the puppet materials. Once they have their materials, they are free to create.

Step 2:

Before letting the students work, announce who the performing groups are. While puppet creation should reflect what is on the design sheets, students may alter their designs to be in greater harmony with the desires of their groups.

Step 3:

Allow the students time to work. If students finish early, they should begin to brainstorm a scene they can do with their puppets and partners.

Step 4:

Ten minutes before the end of class, have the students clean up everything.