Objectives, Rehearsal and the Dating Game

Lesson 5: Objectives, Rehearsal, and the Dating Game

Length: 70 min.

Objective: Students will demonstrate an ability to choose and apply a specific objective to their puppet character’s scene through observed practice and communication with the teacher.

Levels of Understanding:

Perspective, Empathy, Explain, Apply, Self-knowledge

National Standards:

TH:Cr.1.1.7.c. Envision and describe a scripted or improvised character’s inner thoughts and objectives in a drama/theatre work.

TH:Pr4.1.7.b. Use various character objectives in a drama/theatre work

TH:Cr3.1.7.b. Develop effective physical and vocal traits of characters in an improvised or scripted drama/theatre work

Materials Needed:

Some sort of visual separation for the Dating Game


Have the students play the improv game, The Dating Game, but as their puppets. One person and their puppet will be the host, three will be contestants to be selected from to date, and one will be the person selecting the dates.

The person/puppet selecting the dates is led out of the room before the three contestants are chosen. The contestants hide their puppets while the selector enters. The hosts leads the selector through asking three questions of the contestants who give their answers in character. The selector then chooses whom they will date, the host announces the perfect date, and the audience cheers. It is helpful if the audience cheers when the selector enters too, as though a cue card in a studio filming had gone up. A cue card holder is another option if more students wish to play.

All acting and participation in the game, including as audience members, is in role as the puppets— particularly in puppet voice.

Play several rounds of this, allowing many students to participate. Inform students they will get to play again as a warm-up on another day.

Step One:

Ask the class what the characters in the dating game wanted. In every show, just like in the dating game, each character has something they want. This is called an objective.

Have the class repeat what every character wants (an objective).

Each puppet character needs to have an objective in the students’ scenes.

The class will rehearse today, focusing on objectives, and the teacher will walk around, checking to make sure each character has an objective.

Step Two:

Let students rehearse. Check in on their objectives.