Lesson 7: Performance!

Length: 70 min.

Objective:Students will demonstrate an ability to perform objective-driven and vocally-refined characters through a live puppet show.

Levels of Understanding:

Perspective, Empathy, Explain

National Standards:

TH:Re9.1.7a. Explain preferences, using supporting evidence and criteria to evaluate drama/theatre work.

Materials Needed:

stage of drama blocks

Puppet Performance Rubric


Have a stage built out of drama blocks set up at the front of the class. Announce that today there will be performances. The class will be giving feedback.

Step One:

Lead the students in the traditional spinal alignment and tension release exercise.

 Step Two:

Give the students six minutes to freshen up.

Step Three:

Each group will slate and perform, the teacher grading the actors as a collective group. Major discrepancies between actors’’ performance quality will be taken into consideration, adjustments to grades being made.

After each group performs, the rest of the class will share two positive critiques and one suggestion for improvement. Each student needs to give feedback at least once to receive participation points for the day. The teacher will comment on the performance after the class.