Showing and telling

Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their ability to tell basic stories by applying basic storytelling principles through “show and tell” stories.


Materials Needed:

• White board and dry-erase markers
• Something from home for each student to tell stories about
• Something from your own home to share with the students



Ask the students to review the basic elements of storytelling with a partner. After a brief time to do this, ask students to come and list these elements on the board as they remember them.


Step 1 (Transition/Group Practice): Asking the students to keep these things that are listed on the board in mind, bring the class together in a circle in the middle of the room. Play the game “Yes, and…” with the students. “Yes, and…” is played by each person adding a piece to a story, one line at a time. The first person begins, and the second person adds something by first saying, “yes,” repeating what was just said, then saying “and” and adding their part. The last person is responsible to bring the story to its end.


Step 2 (Checking for Understanding): Review what worked and what did not with the students and play again, asking them to maximize on what worked as a group. After the second round is finished, ask the students to remember what elements of storytelling help to create a compelling story, and then ask them to return to their bags to retrieve their artifacts they should have brought from home.


Step 3/assessment: Have the students sit in a circle on the ground. Begin the show and tell assignment. Each student must participate, even if this means he or she must make up a story about something in his or her backpack. Inform the students that they will be held responsible for the basic elements of storytelling (which should still be up on the board) as they tell their stories, and their participation and effort to apply these elements of storytelling will be worth their 5 participation points for the day. The teacher, again, should have an example of something to share.