Creating a Compelling Improvised Story!

Educational Objective:

Students will share their ability to tell a convincing and entertaining beginning-level story by playing the improvisation game “Liar” in front of the classroom.


Materials Needed:

• “Liar” grade sheet for each student – Liar Assessment Sheet



As the students to get into groups of six and play “Storyline”! Ask one person from each group to “volunteer as tribute” to be the pointer rather than a teller (they enjoy movie references). The students haven’t played this for a while, so they may need a few reminders as to how it goes, but make it fast! Encourage the students to remember the storytelling elements, asking them to up the stakes of the game by using physicality (which they originally didn’t have to do).



Have the students shake it out and get themselves ready for an assessment! Ask the students to come to the front of the room and get a grade sheet and fill out his or her name. They are to give the grade sheet back to you before he or she performs.



Students will perform “Liar” in front of the class. Any member of the audience will be able to shout “liar” throughout the performance, but remind them to be respectful of the time limit and story! It will be 1:30-2:30min in length. Advise the students that you will give a 2 minute warning, and will stop them at 2 and a half minutes.



• Liar assessment sheet