Character Practice

Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate understanding of their character and the ability to stay in character by participating in Never Have I Ever/Ignominious Death as their characters.


Facet of Understanding

#1 Explanation, # 2 -Interpretation, # 3 Application, #4 Perspective,
#5 Empathy, #6 Self-Knowledge


Enduring Understanding 1:

True and believable characters come from who the actor is and


Enduring Understanding 1:

Characters approach the same situations differently.


Enduring Understanding 2:

Actors use their own motivations to portray their characters’ motivations.


Enduring Understanding 3:

When we focus on the character’s motivations, our body movements follow naturally to become the character.


Essential Question 2:

How does character motivation and pursuit of objectives influence body movements?


Essential Question 2:

How does empathy play a part of performance?



Materials Needed:

Paper for students to write on.



Never have I ever as characters/Ignominious Death.
Hold up 5 fingers or 10 fingers depending on the size of the class. Students take turns going around the circle saying, “Never have I ever….” from the character’s perspective. If another student (as character) has done those things they put a finger down. When you’re out of fingers, you die an ignominious death as your character.
Step 1 – Discuss: How does knowing these details help you better understand your character?
Step 2 – Return: Hand in Character Analysis.
Step 3 – Focus Game: Zoom Zoom Erk. Students send the zoom around the circle. They can stop it and send it the other way by sending the Erk. If students turn their head the wrong way or say the wrong thing or get off beat/hesitate they’re out. Down to 2 people. Can play the 2 people until someone breaks if desired.
Step 4 – Practice: Begin writing character Monologues. Teacher checks and has students present examples of good work as they work. Side coaching to help students create strong monologues from their character’s point of view.



Final Assessment for Lesson 5:

Participation/Completion points for Never Activity and Monologue


Monologue Rubric:

30 points. 1-minute length- 5,
Addresses a specific person (like a scene but with the other person’s lines cut) -10,
Is true to character’s motivations, background and actor’s interpretation -15.




Finish and Memorize Character Monologues for Performance Next Class.