Educational Objective:

Students will practice performance and performance analysis by performing their monologues in front of the class and evaluating each other.


Materials needed:

• Paper to give feedback on
• Audition clip 1: (show first thirty seconds, skip to the last ten)
• Audition clip 2: (show first 43 seconds, skip to 1:40)
• Peer Evaluation Sheet Lesson 8.Peer Evaluation Sheet
Facets of Understanding:
• Application
• Perspective
• Empathy
• Self Knowledge
Enduring Understandings:
• Theatre is dependent on the relationship between audience and performers
• Theatre teaches empathy for self and others
Essential Questions:
• How/Why is respect of others important?
• How are we able to vary our objectives and tactics in the moment of our performance?



Hook: (20 minutes)

Show the audition clip and once it is over, ask students to explain what objectives and tactics they saw. Were they listening or just reciting lines? Why? How? What was the moment before? Did they slate well? Was there a moment before? Did they use the fourth wall? How did they end the scene?
Step 1 – Performance (50 minutes)
Once you have discussed the clip as a class, hand out the peer evaluation sheet (below). Tell students that they need to evaluate at least six of their peers.

Ask students to be kind in their feedback, and helpful. Ask them to think about the kind of feedback they want to receive. Use complete sentences and fully flesh out thoughts and ideas. Explain to students that after their preview for their peers or from you, to collect the written feedback from you and their peers. Remind them to not lose those notes!



Final Assessment for Lesson 8:

(50 points – formal feedback on scene)

Have a review form for each student yourself, be sure and score students (10 points per section). Remember to not grade students too harshly as it is a preview.