Music story

Educational Objective:

Students will be able to understand topography and movement energy by creating a music story utilizing Laman’s movements and topography.


Facet of Understanding

#2 Interpretation, #3 Application, #4 Perspective,


Enduring Understanding 1:

It is important to analyze a text for movment and energy.


Essential Question 1:

What different kinds of analysis exist? What information can we gain?


Essential Question 2:

What kinds of movement exist in music?







Lightning review: Grid Movement game, Topography zigzags (in groups)
If lack of understanding pull a pop quiz. If good understanding, no pop quiz.
See attachment at end.

Step 1 – Share music and movement they brought prepared to class.
Step 2- Play 3 music selections exploring buoyancy, radiancy and potency. Ex. 10 min ago, Here it goes again OK Go, We will rock you. (or zen music, flight of the bumblebee, shostakovich.
Step 3- Listen to song selection. Ex. Sweet child of mine.
On piece of paper, notate where the energies change. Create a map of the song.
Step 4- Students will then work together to create a story utilizing topography and energy to the song played.



Final Assessment for Lesson 2:

Movement performance. Teacher will assess performances based on preparation, understanding of energy, and alignment with music.







Movement Pop Quiz:

1. Identify and define each of the 3 energies. Give a character example of each.
a._________________ —
b. _________________ —
c. _________________ —


2. In your own words, define Topography:


3. Draw a diagram of a topography with a circumstance attached to it.
Prompt: Triangles